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Founder of  El Capitan Hotel and Restaurant,

He was a pilot in the United States Air Force of North America and participated in the war against the Philippines.

On his vacations he had the habit of visiting the port of San Felipe B.C., Mexico. Which, over the years, led him to fall in love with its beaches, its gastronomy and its people. 

His charm with the port of San Felipe was so great that he made the decision to settle in the port and share its charm by providing the lodging service. Which gave rise to the El Capitan hotel.

It began operations in 1979 with 6 rooms. Its passion and taste for providing quality service to vacationers was so great that it grew exponentially and expanded its service to 40 more rooms in 1989. In 1990 it finished building, giving a total of 45 rooms and a restaurant. bar.

Its strategic location leads it to be positioned in one of the most visited and required hotels in San Felipe B.C., for vacations or for planning events.



  • Free Internet.

  • TV in all rooms.

  • AC.

  • Hairdryer.

  • Private parking.

  • Pool area.

  • Restaurant.

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